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Rimini, a city of many faces!
Tourism, culture, leisure, hospitality and great food are just some of the features offered by the city.
A past rich in history, thanks to the families of Malatesta and Montefeltro, who characterized the area, leaving an indelible mark in the identified urban facilities, in buildings and monuments.
But the city is known worldwide for its beach, its facilities and for the great film director Federico Fellini.
His "fortune" tourism began in 800 when the first factory was built baths, and since then the development of the resort was swift and relentless.
Today is the unquestioned European Capital of seaside tourism although some time is a tourist destination for art that rewards its ancient and prestigious history.
The province of Rimini covers over 40 km of uninterrupted coast from Rimini to Cattolica, but especially inland to touch the region of Tuscany.
For nature lovers, a few tens of minutes from the coast you will reach the Rimini hills and mountains that characterize its sea green.
Few provinces have, so very close to each other, sea, mountains and hills.
There are two main valleys, washed by the rivers Marecchia and Conca, flanked by comfortable bike paths.
Valleys that invite to be flown to enjoy the innermost recesses, and to discover the peculiarities of the 22 municipalities that extend to them, castles, towers, monuments, museums and churches are the main evidence of a past rich in struggles, art and culture.

The Nove Colli is the brainchild of a group of three cyclists in Cesenatico that, after a meeting of Cycling in Switzerland in 1970, decided to go to Brunnen to achieve the famous "Patent Alpine". Returning from that experience, the three set to work to create in Cesenatico on "Patent Apennine" and look, then, in some way to emulate the Alpine. And May 20, 1971 he left the first edition of the Nine Hills, which now takes place every year and always gathers thousands of fans and tourists.

Cycling enthusiasts can count on a large number of well-equipped bike hotel, because the number of participants increases and during the year there are several races open to a wide audience.
Surely for mountain biking, cycle paths along the rivers Marecchia, Conca and Marano are the stages most beautiful and fascinating to be addressed starting from the sea.
The high Valmarecchia is the best for lovers of mountain biking through a network of trails of varying difficulties to satisfy anyone, from amateur cyclists to experienced hikers.

Spa and Wellness
Thanks to the generosity and wealth of the subsoil mineral water healthy, this region is able to give an extremely wide range of spa beauty beside which are really fascinating. The Spa is an integral part of Emilia Romagna, which has 19 spas and 25 factories. Certainly the most attractive locations are Salsomaggiore, Riolo, Fratta, Brisbane, but the city of Rimini, Riccione and Cervia have technically advanced facilities for those who like to relax but also to those who need special care. In recent years, moreover, many hotels have built within them areas of relaxation and well-being (in many cases of true Spa) and have adapted to the growing demand for "wellness weekend" one more reason to choose a holiday in Romagna.

Food and wine of Romagna
Romagna is the holiday destination that offers much to those who go in search of the authenticity of flavors, fragrances, and everything that characterizes a particular place with its own culinary traditions and crafts. There are several food and wine tours for lovers of good food and typical products of the regions of Emilia Romagna. Not only the sea, beaches and nightclubs, Romagna try to turn promotion to areas inland, exploiting the gastronomic heritage, and launches some routes for gourmets.

Arts and Culture
For lovers of culture and art, Rimini offers several monuments and historical sights. The Surgeon's House, the Bridge of Tiberius, the Castel Sismondo, the Arch of Augustus and the Malatesta Temple are some of the beauties that the city offers. Moreover, the hinterland of Rimini is rich in ancient villages where you can visit castles, fortresses and many other monuments from above at the time of Malatesta.

The tourist destination suitable for all types of targets. The amusement parks for families and especially children as Fiabilandia, Italy in Miniature and instead Mirabilandia and Aquafan for young people. In addition, the city lights at night with its clubs, pubs, nightclubs and other attractions that make the city one of the most popular among young people. Do not forget the night Rosa, the so-called "New Year's Summer", which attracts over two million people each year from all over the world.

Other Places

And 'the city of good living. One of the most attractive cities of the Romagna, and pretty much known for being the home to a large number of intellectuals and artists, including poets and writers of international renown, as now, like no other city in the province. The city is also the scene of several events that have made it one of the most popular tourist attractions from Romagna.

In the heart of Valmarecchia, historically belonged to the Montefeltro region, stands St. Leo, one of the most beautiful towns of Romagna. Site of important historical events and quoted by Dante, is visually dominated by the fortress, the possession of Montefeltro and today one of the best examples of the best preserved military fortress of the Renaissance. Inside was a prisoner of the famous alchemist and occultist Giuseppe Balsamo, better known as the Enlightenment Count Cagliostro, who died in 1795.
San Leo is part of "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy" and orange flag of the Italian Touring Club.

Declared a World Heritage Site in 2008 as "testimony to the continuance of a free republic since the Middle Ages", the visit of the Republic is not facilitated by the necessity of a passport and use the euro as official currency. It also offers the visitor a view of a splendid view over the bay from Mount Titano and the opportunity for art lovers to visit several historic sites, from museums and castles.

Located in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, the country was declared one of "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy" and orange flag of the Italian Touring Club.
It ', featuring a beautiful and fascinating Rocca with its fortified village is one of the best preserved medieval structures in Italy, also, the two boundary walls that protect the fortress, the outermost of which extends for almost 800 meters, the make it one of the most impressive of all.
In the Middle Ages there were several clashes between the two domains, Montefeltro and Malatesta, who fought to conquer territories and fortresses. And it was during the rule of the Malatesta, who was consumed, as the legend goes, the tragedy of Paolo and Francesca, who, as we all know, was made famous by touching and excellent verses of Dante.

The village, Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club, is located on the first rocky hills a short distance from the sea. Its location, just 18 km from Rimini, makes it appealing in the view that since the plain attracts the eye and captures the attention, also, the beauty and majesty of his arichitetture of Malatesta Fortress make it impossible to retain the desire to visit it. Malatesta Capital, it was the mighty fortress that Malatesta began their story based on several struggles with the Duke D'Urbino and many achievements.